"Visit Florence as a Florentine", let yourself be guided by those who live the city every day, marrying the marriage of art, culture and good food, avoiding the most chaotic and confusing part of the city.

The best points of interest
The best points of interest
  • Uffizi Gallery

    Uffizi Gallery, one of the oldest and most important museums where the most important existing collection of Raffaello and Botticelli are located, as well as fundamental groups of works by Giotto, Tiziano and Caravaggio.

  • Galleria dell'Accademia

    Galleria dell'Accademia, the sculpture’s paradise, where you can visit Michelangelo's David, here are exhibited the largest number of sculptures by the artist, seven.

  • Bargello Museum

    Bargello Museum, where you can see the collection of Renaissance statues among the largest and most notable in the world and which includes the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Ghiberti and Cellini, as well as the fantastic David di Donatello.

  • Santa Maria del Fiore

    Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly known as the Duomo of Florence, is the symbol of the city as well as one of the greatest masterpieces that man has ever conceived. Symbol of the splendor and power that was of the Medici family today is known worldwide for the splendor of its dome, Brunelleschi's dome.

  • Palazzo Vecchio

    Palazzo Vecchio, is the symbol of the city of Florence, was the home of the Medici family and represents the best synthesis of the fourteenth-century architecture, which houses the spectacular hall of the 500 decorated with frescoes by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci

  • Ponte Vecchio

    Ponte Vecchio, one of the major symbols of Italian genius in the world, dates back to 1300 and is the only bridge that was not demolished by the Nazis during the invasion, now home to goldsmiths, craftsmen and watchmakers. Which makes it without doubt the most impressive bridge in the world, as well as the most beautiful.

  • Palazzo Pitti

    Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens, one of the most prestigious palaces in Florence, built by the Medici family and which was the residence of the Reale family, I Savoia, during the brief period in which Florence was the capital of Italy. Today it houses a complex museum complex, whose flagship is undoubtedly the Galleria Palatina.

The best exhibitions
The best exhibitions

During your stay in Florence you will not miss the opportunity to visit two exhibitions of the highest level, which go beyond the typically Florentine classic-Renaissance routes:

  • Natalia Goncharova

    Palazzo Strozzi celebrates Natalia Goncharova, a leading female artist of the 20th century, in a major retrospective. The exhibition will explore her unconventional life and career, presenting her rich and multifaceted artistic output with masterpieces from major international collections by celebrated artists including Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso, Balla and Boccioni.

    Taking visitors on a journey from the Russian countryside to Moscow and Paris, two of the most important cities to Natalia, the exhibition features 130 artworks and gives an account of the unorthodox life of a woman who lived for her art and successfully forged her own unique fusion of tradition and innovation, of East and West, making her own work a unique example of experimentation with artistic genres and styles ranging from New-Primitivism to Rayonisme, painting and graphic art to her work for the theatre.


    A visual journey that stimulates reflections on humanitarian themes, on existential passages, on social utopias, on values above the law: is the 'Make art not war' exhibition by street artist Shepard Fairey, known under the stage name Obey. The exhibition is hosted at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, from 9 July to 20 October, and recreates an ideal walk through the metropolitan night in the museum. On display are large works and small screen prints by Obey that touch on current topics such as women, the environment, peace, and culture. The initiative that gave international visibility to Obey was the Hope poster that reproduces the stylized face of Barack Obama in full color, which became the icon of the electoral campaign that brought the democratic representative to the White House.

The best fiorentine artisans
The best fiorentine artisans

    The sense of smell is one of the senses that most closely linked to memories and emotions. How many times you have smelled a fragrance and be transported in a past experience, relive the feelings and feel the emotions on your skin.
    Aqua Flor wants to turn your experience in Florence into a perfume that awakens in you the vivid memory of the holiday through the creation of a personalized perfume from the “nose” Sileno Cheloni.
    A unique and personal scent.
    Book your olfactory experience at a special price.


    The history of Sartoria Vanni dates back to 1818 with the opening of a small sartorial workshop in the heart of Florence. Sartoria vanni soon became a name known to all local fans, ready to order custom-made clothes, handmade.
    From 2014 Sartoria Vanni offers a new online service to offer its "tailor-made", allowing its international customers to explore and experience the best of Italian tailoring when and where they prefer it.
    The expertise, craftsmanship and dedication to the arts of Italian tailoring are the cornerstones on which Sartoria Vanni is founded, an activity that boasts two centuries of successes and an even brighter future.

Your culinary experience
Your culinary experience

    The oldest restaurant in the city. Born in 1880 in the cellars of Palazzo Antinori, it still retains traces of over a century of history thanks to a meticulous restoration. Precious frescoes decorate the first room overlooking the kitchen, the dishes recall the authentic flavors of ancient Tuscan cuisine, such as hot crostini and ribollita, homemade pasta and wild boar with polenta.
    And then the steak, the best in town, cooked on charcoal and sprinkled with extra virgin Tuscan oil.


    A new reality, a concept restaurant that is also a flower shop and bookstore, able to offer seasonal products in an unsanctioned location. A popular cuisine, where tradition and innovation meet and experimentation for unusual combinations ranges in respect of what nature has to offer.
    Lovely place, which transmits peace and relax, not secondary aspects during a dinner on holiday.


    Located a few steps from Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza Signoria, offers a typically Florentine cuisine in a classic and welcoming atmosphere.
    Two unique experiences are offered, one linked to the Tuscan and Florentine culinary tradition and another "gourmet", where the high quality of the raw material and the research make it possible to taste an "unconventional" Tuscan cuisine that starts from tradition and it comes where the mind can not imagine.These two menus are made even more suggestive by the restaurant, dedicated to the culinary path chosen, each of which has its own atmosphere and its charm that helps make the experience unforgettable.


    A unique place on the roofs of Florence, in a futuristic structure made with windows on each side, so as to let in natural light and emphasize the enviable position that offers a breathtaking view over the city of Florence, the Arno and the hills as a frame. Inside a bar, a restaurant and a lounge area, new spaces that will allow you to relax in the heart of Florence, while outside you can find two terraces that offer a magical atmosphere overlooking Florence


    Historic trattoria in the heart of the historic center of Florence, known for its artistic essence, as well as for its cuisine, based on express dishes and Tuscan dishes from a personal touch who know how to impress.
    A reference point for lovers of good food and for the artists of the Santa Maria Novella district, it has preserved its imprint for many years, such as the frescoes, paintings and sculptures by the Florentine artist Alfio Rapisardi.

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